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Areas of Expertise

Collaborative Law


In a collaborative law setting, each party is represented by his or her own individual attorney. However, the parties and the attorneys all agree in writing that they will seek to collaborate and ultimately draft a separation agreement without going to court. This agreement does not bind the parties; i.e. if the negotiations break down, each party is always entitled to seek court intervention. However, it does bind the lawyers. Thus, everyone has both the incentive and/or the obligation to continue negotiation until an agreement is reached.



Divorce Mediation


When people decide to divorce, they can make choices to minimize cost and controversy. One such choice is to utilize the services of a mediator to reach a mutually agreeable Separation Agreement, thus avoiding much of the cost and acrimony that accompanies litigation.


Buying a House

You know you’ve “arrived” when you can consider buying a single family house in Westchester County, New York. Prices are fairly astronomical, and you really need a team to make the purchase: a realtor, a mortgage loan officer, an engineer, a lawyer, and a therapist. Well, maybe the therapist isn’t mandatory, but the others certainly are.


Selling a House

It’s time to cash out and sell your house in Westchester County, New York. Having made this decision, you must now take those important steps to maximize your sale price and minimize your aggravation.

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